After a hellish week of early-morning dubstep, smuggled Bohemean absinth, pink happy-birthday balloons and the ever-growing pile of dirty dishes that now even covers our staircase, it's time for a week-end full of hardcore Glitzkidz partying.
Yesterday, we spent an entire evening sewing our glitter outfits- that is, we spent an entire evening smoking and eating half-baked pizza (when we're hungry, we're, like, hungry) while David D'Or sewed and stitched like a Taiwanese toddler. Burping and scratching his balls in a flawed attempt to keep up an air of masculinity, he made us some outfits that would make our old man Gaulthier weep with desperation. 
Right now, we're gathering our forces and glitter make-up to invade Louvain later this evening.Our superstar DJ's Toömi and Bruce will be playing our very favourite records while the rest of us tingle your tangle with a chaotic glitter performance atFannyPack. You should come, really. But a word of advise from your friends, the Glitzkidz: if you were planning to ask your mommy to föhn you a nice lesbian Bieber-hairdo- don't. It's gonna be tough out there. 

If you somehow miss our performance tonight, for which we won't even take the death of your favourite hamster in a horrible smoothie-blender accident as an excuse, you'll be sorry as a billy goat. But since we're in kind of a good mood lately- glitter, alcohol and other substances are indeed involved, we offer you something we hardly ever offer: a second chance.
Tomorrow we'll be kicking off the afterparty of the Ego-exhibition in Antwerp. Glitter, killing and hardcore will blow you off your high heels comme d'habitude. Gear up, glitter up, and be nice to our crazy Jewish-German friends who'll be joining us in evil.
So for now, if Tristan Eugene ever leaves our bathroom, I'll be taking a long shower and get ready to go hardcore. Meet you on the glitter-covered dancefloor.

Yours drunkly,
Niki xx. 

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